Face-to-Face Services

While we believe in the power of technology, we also believe in human interactions. 


Unlike mainstream fitters, our professional lingerie experts fit by eyes (and no measuring tape). We take your body shape, health conditions, personal comfort, and lifestyle into consideration to provide you with the best lingerie recommendations, from the comfort of your own space. 


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"I thought I was wearing the correct size - and just an old uncomfortable bra and Brarista really surprised me. it turnt out that I am an F cup instead of a C! The fitter also brought in a selection of bras selected by me to try on. 

Total comfort with support and style in check."


Beth, Pastry Chef



Common Bra Problems


During the years we spent in the fitting rooms, we have seen quite a few poor bra fit - but here are the common ones. 

In order to accurately diagnose your bra fit, first follow these following essential steps:​

Copy of 3..png

any looks familiar?

Underband moves when you pull up

Underband moves when you lift your arms up


Cup gapping showing space between the bra and your breasts


Your breasts - either side, front or both - are spilling out of your bras


Your front breasts are create this "double-breast" effect when wearing tight pieces


Underband rises up and you can pull it quite far out


You can feel a gap between your under your breasts and the underwire