Brarista's WFH Survival Guide

As England enters its third lockdown since March, it has definitely been met with a sense of exasperation and exhaustion. Personal lives have changed dramatically, from post-work drinks at the pub to zoom quizzes and socially distant walks. For many of us, our work lives and how we approach work have had a massive upheaval. Work From Home (WFH) has become the new normal and I think many of us can’t even envision what it was like going into the office 5 days a week…(how did we survive the tube 10 times a week?!)

Here at Brarista, as our research work is highly collaborative, we have had to adapt quickly to working from home life. So, like any early stage tech startup, we have tried and tested various tips and tricks that make working from home that little bit easier. We want to share with you our successful tips, that make our work life easier and happier:

1. Get ready in the morning

I don't think I can emphasise how important this is. I understand the temptation to stay in your pajamas all day, especially if it's a no meeting day. However, by getting dressed, it really helps you get in a work mode and you will probably feel more productive.


Charly, our operations lead, says: “I like to wake up earlier and act as if I am going into the office. It seems strange but its a much better start to my day and I am not just rolling out of bed”

2. Having a designated work space

We may not all have the space to do so, especially with young kids around. Although, if you are able to get yourself a designated work desk/corner/room/hole, it can act as your office. This can minimize distractions and segregate your work life from your personal life. We all need the balance.

It goes without saying, that you should definitely NOT work from your bed. This has been shown to decrease sleep quality which in turn can have a negative effect on your work productivity & mental health.

Tami, our content creator, has made a space in her bustling household to work. “I need somewhere that I can work in peace and be super comfy… i can get so easily distracted!”.

3. Plants!

No, really! Plants have been proven to make you more productive and feel happier in your workspace (read here). So if you were looking for a sign to fill your home with plants… this is it.


Bella, our CEO, loves her plants ALOT.. even puts them in the bath to make sure they get enough water.

4. Move your body and get outside

Taking a little break each day to get outside and go on a run/walk is something that has really helped us here at Brarista. If you are tight on time, replace what would have been your commute time with a walk outside!

Studies have shown that exercise improves your brain function and productivity.

Prashant, our CTO, is known for his long walks around London and recently starting the Green Chain Walk. If you see him wandering around, be sure to say hello.

5. Have Fun!

Finally, and probably most importantly, have some fun. Whether that means starting a new hobby, zooming your friends or dancing around your kitchen table…

It is lockdown but we need to create space for ourselves and own needs as well.


Salman, our Computer Vision Assistant, loves to go on long cycles around oxford or regularly cooks up a storm trying new experimental dishes.

While these are just a few tips that work for us, we would love to hear from you about how you organise your home & work life now we are stuck at home.

Written by Charly Brady, our Operation Lead!

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