Brarista's 2018 Highlights

2018 has been a special year...

It was the year of our birth, the year of our first steps, and the year of our first falls.

Barista's birth: Our journey started this exact date last year, when our founder, realised after an MSc assignment about their clothing buying habits, that almost every woman she spoke to mentioned the struggle of shopping bras. We want to bring the professional bra fitting services that are currently being offered only at a few premium lingerie boutiques across the world, to the homes of all women. We want to make sure that every bra you purchase is one that fits you, not the other way around.

Early traction: We went on to win UCL Build Challenge for being the most innovative idea. We were also a finalist in the UCL Launch Challenge. But above all, what makes our little hearts tender most has been your support. Within five months of launching our scrappy page, we heard from more than 200 women supporting the product! That fulfils us and motivates us more than you can imagine. So thank you!

Women in tech & our first-ever office space: It's no secret that we are obsessed with using technology to improve women's bra shopping routines. We have thus been able to attract widely talented and committed individuals who share the same vision as us, that includes professional bra fitters who fit by eyes and computer vision scientists. We work to be useful for other women and to create a meaningful movement, one bra at a time. We are now a team of four (females) and located at our HQ at King's Cross. Come by and bond with us about bras!

2019 - What's next?

Besides our absolute obsession with making sure that you always buy a bra that fits, we want to improve conversations about bras, too. Having seen first-hand the significance in the lack of education on bras, and how consumers are continuously exploited by brands for this gap in knowledge, we want to challenge and hopefully, change, the dialogues.

We thus have prepared an exciting line-up of educational yet entertaining content as well as mobile in-person bra-related services for you. Not to mention, this will be the year where our prototype is ready for you to test!

Finally, THANK YOU to each and one of you who endorse us and believe in our vision. We are excited to have you on board. Let's make this movement together!

Love & gratitude,

The Brarista Founding Team