Brarista receives Award from UK Gov for ‘Innovative’ and ‘Inspiring’ Project

We are so excited to announce that our CEO and co-founder, Bella Trang Ngo, has been given the UK government’s prestigious Women in Innovation Award for Brarista’s pioneering approach in the world of fem-tech.

After being listed in the ‘Top 10 Fem-tech startups to Watch in 2020’ by Techround just last year, the team have been delighted to be recognized once again, this time in a way that really highlights our wider mission as a company. Innovate UK has identified Brarista as one of the 40 female led-businesses across the UK making ‘the most significant contribution to a pressing societal, environment and/or economic challenge through their innovative project’.

Brarista’s mission focuses on using disruptive innovation to revolutionize AI bra fitting services in a push to redress the problem of diversity and inclusion in the industry. In Bella’s words “The virtual fitting world lacks lots of reliable bra sizing data of real life women. And it’s quite sad to know that even in the world of data science, women bodies and female breast sizing is still not well represented or understood. Brarista is here to change that.”

We strive to build technology that is inclusive, and therefore having data that is representative of the actual population out there is extremely important and close to our hearts.” This is why we are collating data from 600 volunteers over the next 12 months to be able to reach this goal. The driving force behind the project, Bella explains, is to “expand the diversity of our training data sets in hopes of proactively combatting data biases, which is a problem that you see a lot in the tech industry.” (

The funding that Innovate UK is granting through this Award will provide Brarista with means to continue this data collection.

But Brarista still needs eager participants to help out! Bella highlights some of the personal benefits that volunteering in this project would bring: “you will be a part of a collective of innovative thinkers who are committed to improving female wellbeing worldwide through professional bra fitting. You will also get to socialise with the team of dedicated people behind this innovation and enjoy a complimentary bra fitting service as well as getting exclusive discounts from some of our favourite bra and lingerie brands”

Alongside winning the Women in Innovation award, Brarista has also achieved an endorsement from the Royal Academy of Engineering and a recent Advanced Digital Technologies category winner for MSDUK innovation challenge, as they continue to revolutionise bra-fitting.

If you’re interested in participating in this project or learn more, please reach out to us at