An Extra Boost #BoostedBarista

We’ve got some exciting news!

Brarista is collaborating with Boost Innovations - using our AI bra-fitting technology to accurately measure breast forms designed and created by the ever so confident Boost.

We were funded by Innovate UK’s Business-led innovation in response to global disruption to support our collaboration. Innovate UK has awarded grants to businesses to improve innovation following the disruptions due to COVID-19 this year. This funding has been provided to businesses, like us and Boost, to tackle issues that have arisen during this time. What we would like to address and solve through our collaboration are the challenges COVID-19 has posed on bra and breast form-fittings. To ensure that the right-sized breast form for post-mastectomy women is being purchased correctly.

So who are Boost?

Boost Innovations create innovative products to boost the moods and confidence of a community of users. Boost has been able to mitigate the problems of silicone breast prosthesis, by creating a breast form product which is both breathable yet beautiful. This has provided a solution to breast form wearers whilst challenging the assumption that all breast forms need to imitate skin tone.

Boost Breast Form (Aqua Mandala)

Committed to comfort and innovation

We are committed to providing an accurate bra and breast form-fitting service to breast form wearers. Buying a correctly fitted bra and breast form will ensure the utmost comfort and satisfaction, which so far many post-mastectomy women have found to be a challenging experience. Since in-person bra and breast form-fittings have become inaccessible and along with the ease of online shopping, it is never more fitting to offer a virtually accessible bra and breast form-fitting service. Hence our mission is to provide a holistic bra and breast form-fitting service to accommodate online consumers using our AI bra-fitting technology and to open up the conversation behind bras and body positivity.

Female Forward

Bella Ngo, CEO and co-founder of Brarista, “Sam and I have been following each other’s work on social media for quite a while before meeting each other in person at Brarista’s data collection in Jan this year. I’m so proud to have an opportunity to collaborate with such an amazing innovator and brand whose ethos on women’s wellbeing and environmental impacts align with ours so well.".

With ourselves and Boost being 2 female-led businesses, we appreciate the need and benefits that our project can achieve. If successful, we can imagine this to be implemented to boost products to enhance customer experience and a continual relationship which will help produce more data-driven products for Boost.

How can you help?

We are looking for single-mastectomy individuals to take part in our data collection.

Sign up for a visual fitting and you may win a free breast form for yourself, and of course, an accurately measured one perfect for your body!

*Disclaimer: our waiting list is currently full, but we will definitely keep you in mind if any availability comes up.