Why get a bra-fitting?

You deserve a well-fitted bra. That’s it. But how do you know it’s fitted well? Well with our software we can help you get that well-fitted bra by our professional bra-fitting service.

Why choose Brarista?

Here at Brarista we are focused on providing the solution to your bra-sizing dilemmas. The service we provide will allow you to make the right choices when purchasing bras to ensure the best comfort and use. We also use our platform to raise awareness about breast health and body positivity because we value the communities we talk and interact with.

How can I get involved?

If you are a customer or user you can sign up and participate in our data collection. This will help us build our training data for bra sizes. We are looking Investors and Charities for funding and support whilst we grow as a business. Feel free to contact us! For all you Bra enthusiasts and bra brands, we’d love to hear from you and collaborate!

Why does it take so long to get this tech ready?

Finding the perfect fit can be life-changing but also a long and treacherous task, therefore we are committed to ensuring our AI technology is accurate and reliable. However, to do so, we need to tackle this long and treacherous task for you first.

When are you launching?

Finding the perfect fit can be life-changing, therefore we are committed to ensuring our AI technology is accurate and reliable. We are still in the process of it all and look to launch in 2022.

How is my privacy ensured?

All media is deleted permanently once the measurement has been calculated. We understand how important and value your privacy therefore we have made sure that our privacy practices adhere.

What is our favourite bra brand?

This is a question we are asked regularly at Brarista. Every brand is different and provides a bra for different purposes so we simply cannot answer. But you can book a bespoke virtual bra-fitting with us here, to help you purchase correctly from many brands.

The most frequently asked questions since our inception. Take look, or feel free to reach out to the founding team directly at bella@brarista.co