How to sign up?

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What is this project?

This project has been sponsored by Innovate UK for Brarista to expand the diversity of our training data set for our technology,

combatting biases! 

Our aim is to create inclusive AI technology that lays the foundation for comfortable bra experiences. We believe that every bra-wearer should have access to a professional bra fitting that makes them feel comfortable and excited for their new undergarments. Coupled with the immense health benefits of reduced back pain and a decrease in stress levels, we want to create a service that can be accessed virtually without skimping on accuracy.

Yes, we do dream big!

How will it work?

Firstly, you will sign up via our form below and book your appointment. We will then send out our fitting kit to you in the post before your appointment. Then it's as simple as you turn up to your appointment to get fitted by our professional bra fitter and complete a number of different poses!

Sign up via our form & book your appointment

Receive our fitting kit

Turn up to your fitting session

Receive your bra size and exclusive discounts


Why you should participate?

While changing bra fitting history, you will also get a full virtual bra fitting within your appointment; where you will learn your breast shape, size and what bras suit you best! On top of all that, you will gain access to some exclusive discounts with top lingerie brands in the UK!

How to sign up?

By signing up, you are now joining us in this game-changing journey. We are so excited to have you on board!