Data Consent Policy

There is a significant shortage in accurate and diverse bra-sizing-related data, and Brarista is determined to make waves in this space starting with this Data Collection Project. 

Our core mission is to democratize professional bra-fitting using AI, which we cannot do without your and other bra wearers data. Collecting bra-sizing data is therefore essential to our research and product development. 

We will never collect more information than necessary, or misuse your Data. We will also ensure you are informed of where your data is going and what we are doing with it. Above all, we strive to ensure your data privacy rights are upheld, whether it is in our possession or the possession of those we share it with.


What Data do we collect from you?

We will collect the following data from you:

  • Your photos captured during the call with your face and full name excluding from the storage. We will be notifying you of when the capture happens. 

  • Your bra sizing, breast shapes, and biometric information (such as age group, height, size)

  • Your personal data which you filled out in our sign up form 

It’s important to note that we will not be saving your images under your name, but rather a unique ID. We strive to keep your data as anonymous as possible. 

Why do we collect and use your Personal Data?

Your Personal Data will be used in order to:

  • Deliver our Fitting Kit to your home address 

  • To schedule your bookings correct 

  • To help you find the correct bra fit 

  • To research and develop our AI bra-fitting technology

Whom is this Data shared with?

Your Data will only be shared with us, Brarista Limited

How will we collect and hold your Data?

  • We will only record your data with your express permission;

  • We will collect data that you input onto our website personally, and Data recorded via website cookies;

  • As per our responsibilities under the General Data Protection Regulations responsibilities, we will only store your Personal Data for as long as necessary to achieve our mission, or until you request that we delete your Personal Data;

  • If at any point you no longer wish for us to hold your Data, you may request that we erase it via multiple channels including email and by post;

  • If you wish to obtain a copy of your Personal Data, you may do so by submitting a subject access request to us. 

What are your rights with respect to your Personal Data?

We take your rights to Data privacy seriously. You have the right to request:

  • Access your Personal Data;

  • Erasure or rectification of your Personal Data;

  • To receive a copy of your Personal Data through a subject access request;

  • To restrict the way we process your Personal Data;

  • To object to the way in which we process your Personal Data;

  • To withdraw your consent to process your Data, at any time after giving us consent to collect and use it

For any further inquiries concerning how we process your Data, please send an email to