Tired of 

guessing your

bra size?

Imagine a world where women no longer have to complain about the discomfort of wearing ill-fitting bras or have to go through the tedious process of bra shopping.


This is a reality we're building at Brarista.


We're a team of professional lingerie experts and data scientists who want to make a radical change in the way women shop for bras online.


To make this change, we need your help!


We are looking for 500 co-creators of all bra sizes and breast shapes to build a training dataset 

that is impactful and accurate.

We won't be asking for your naked photos or recording your faces during the process.


If you're passionate about changing the quality of life for women, book below to join us. 


You'll leave feeling empowered with some cute merchants & a small goodie bag.

We're partnering up with London's leading organisations to offer the sessions in different locations as enlisted below.

Want us to come to you? We can have that sorted!

Speak soon,

Our all-female Data Team