Meet Brarista

Finding the perfect bra can be a real chore. But it really shouldn't be!


This is where Brarista comes in. We are team of big dreamers, bra-wearers and bra-supporters on a mission to make every person feel empowered, confident and ready to take on the world.

At Brarista, no longer will the search for a perfect bra be daunting, time-consuming and confusing. With our wonderful CEO and professional Bra-fitter, Bella Trang Ngo and our incredible computer vision scientist Prashant Aparajeya, bra fitting has never been easier. In the comfort of your own home, our AI technology and Bella's expertise promises you the scientifically accurate fit.


Completely digital. Fuss-free. No Tape-measure required.

Why do we care?


As much as we love the lingerie industry, we know a lot still needs to change. Simply put, the lingerie industry is not doing enough to be inclusive to all bra-wearers. It largely caters to cis-gender women within a very limited range.

With such an archaic attitude, the mainstream industry ceases to fully acknowledge the demands of communities including the LGBTQIA+, plus size, cancer survivors and the disabled community. 


That's why we focus on bra-wearers. This not only includes womxn but also men, non-binary and transgender people. We know that one size definitely doesn't fit all and no matter what trends dictate, all shapes, curves and sizes will always be beautiful and worthy. We want to change for the better and won't stop until every person gets the perfect bra they need and deserve. 

Our Team

Bella Trang Ngo

CEO & Co-founder


A professional bra fitter (who fits by sight) and an MSc graduate in Tech Entrepreneurship - Bella is combining everything she knows about bras to make bra-shopping a more pleasant experience. 

Bella is committed to championing the roles of non-technical talents in fostering innovations. She loves all things fashion and interior designs.

Charly Brady

Operation Lead


Charly is all things Operations, being our Operations Lead. As a recent graduate from LSE, Charly is passionate about technology and how to utilise it for societal good. Outside of work you will find Charly usually on the rugby pitch or cooking with friends.

Prashant Aparajeya

CTO & Co-Founder


Prashant Aparajeya (PhD in computer science from Univ. of London) is our award-winning Computer Vision scientist as well as an Entrepreneur First Alumnus (2018). His research revolves around mathematical modelling of shape pose and movement computing through 2D static images and videos, information retrieval, machine learning, and shape psychology.

Salman Khan

Computer Vision Assistant


Salman is our incredible Computer Vision Assistant under the supervision of Prashant Aparajeya. Salman is pursuing a PhD in Computer Vision at Oxford Brookes University sponsored by Huawei.

Our Technical Advisor

Prof. Dr Frederic Fol Leymarie

Technical Advisor


Professor of Computing at Goldsmiths, University of London. Frederic is a researcher in A.I. and has been developing a mathematical language for shape representation with potential for applications in various domains and industries, from the Arts and Performance areas to Biology, Medicine, Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Architecture and Robotics.