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Taking out the fuss, the embarrassment and the inaccuracy of most bra-fitting services, our mobile app does the bra shopping for you.


It's a reality we're working to make happen.

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your bra problems sorted

- no measurement tape needed!


how it works?

We simplify bra-fitting and bra-shopping in 3 simple steps. Results? A highly accurate and personalised sizing and style recommendations.


1. scan your

upper body

Position your smartphone's camera as instructed standing in front of a mirror, wearing your everyday bra, so that our system can map your body. 


2. add in

your requests

Tell us everything you're looking for in your ideal bra - styles, prices, occasions or even the outfits you'll be wearing it with. 


Our smart algorithm puts together a shopping list of trusted bras, hand picked by our expert bra fitters, perfectly suiting your figure and fashion needs. 

3. behold, your personalised shopping list

we make wearing the correct bras easier, so you can do more


no more 

fashion mishaps


no more



no more 

physical discomforts

Unlike mainstream fitters (who typically fit with tape measures), we train our system to fit you like how a professional bra fitter (who fits by sight) would. 

why us?

accuracy approved by experts

We build our highly accurate algorithm from scratch with the supervision of professional lingerie experts

top security

Run by a team of professional working females, we appreciate and work hard on your security concerns. None of your photos is stored anywhere, ever

guilt-free shopping

We do price comparisons for you, so you don't have to. Prices shown on our app is guaranteed to be the lowest




With the fundamental belief that if you feel uncomfortable wearing bras, you’re wearing a wrong bra – let that be size, shape, or brands, we came up with the idea of bringing professional bra fitting services to the homes of every woman, using advanced technologies. 


Besides our absolute obsession with making sure that you always buy a bra that fits, we want to improve conversations about bras, too. Having seen first-hand the significance in the lack of education on bras, and how consumers are continuously exploited by brands for this knowledge gap, we want to challenge the dialogues.



we believe in the power of collaboration. we want you to build Brarista with us


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