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Half of the world wears a bra - but how come more than 80% of us are wearing ill-fitting bras?  How many of us even understand how bra sizing works? 
As a professional bra fitter who fits by eye, I've seen first-hand what an empowering bra-fitting session looks like. It's my life mission to bring together passionate, professional fitters like myself, to show you how we can truly change one's confidence and build a world where everyone can appreciate the brilliant engineer of a well-fitted bra. 
We want to democratise bra-fitting expertise, enabling you to better understand your body and make better buying choices.
We are developing a proprietary AI that enables at-home professional bra-fitting, while educating you on how bras should feel.
To build a holistic solution, we would love you to be involved. Become a co-creator and contribute to our research by signing up to test our early prototype.
Bella Trang Ngo
Co-founder and the Bra Brain at Brarista
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